The best MagSafe compatible powerbank for iPhone 12

How does Xtorm's FS400 stack up against Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack?

Are you looking for the best alternative to Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack? Read about the differences between Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack and the Xtorm magnetic powerbank (FS400)

Twice the battery capacity

The 5000mAh battery inside the FS400 is a high-quality cell that’s designed to be small and powerful. This means that it has 2x more capacity than Apple’s own MagSafe power bank! Depending on which iPhone you have, this is enough to give you between 50 and 100% extra battery capacity.

This makes the FS400 the best alternative to the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack.

More power and a better price

The FS400 is available from €39,95 whereas Apple's Battery Pack will set you back €109,00. At Xtorm we have years of experience in designing and building power banks. This allows us to offer high quality products for attractive and fair prices.

Perfect size and weight

The FS400 has a lightweight and ergonomic design with rounded corners, that is designed to perfectly match the size of an iPhone 12. It is fully compatible with the new MagSafe standard from Apple, which means this Power Bank will magnetically snap and attach itself to the back of your iPhone 12.

3 year Xtorm warranty

At Xtorm you get a standard 3 year warranty on most of our products. Of course this also applies to the FS400. Xtorm focuses on developing high quality power products, that are proven and tested daily by millions of travelers all around the world.

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