With In Focus we put a spotlight on our ambassadors. What do they do and what does Xtorm mean to them. This week: Arctic Adventurer, expedition leader and ambassador Henk-Jan Geel.

#MoreEnergy in sub-zero temperatures

Winter trips and batteries. They have a real love-hate relationship. You need power for many things. But what about the cold? That cold does not really cooperate.

“Let me tell you how I deal with power during expeditions”

On an expedition, you leave a lot behind. You take the minimum of things with you. But you can't avoid taking equipment that uses power. Satellite phone, GPS and your camera to name but a few. They need to be charged during the trip. If you do this properly, you will never have to deal with an empty battery again.

“On an expedition, you can't avoid taking equipment that uses power."

Expedition Greenland

During my crossing of Greenland, I have a whole arsenal of equipment with me that runs on electricity. The Dutch brand Xtorm is helping me to provide power for everything. They supply the Solar Panel and two Power Banks for the crossing. They also supply Charging Cables that are reinforced with Kevlar® and therefore more or less unbreakable. I had two mini-USB and one USB-C™ charging cable with me. Greenland is at a relatively low latitude. And the sun is well present here to power the solar panel.

Generating my own energy via sunlight

During the day trip, there is a solar panel on my sled. I use a foldable Solar Panel from Xtorm. Two Power Banks can be connected to that Solar Panel with a USB cable. These Power Banks, a robust outdoor version from Xtorm, are in the sledge. The solar panel itself is attached to my sledge with small carabiners.

“As I move around, the Power Banks charge slowly but surely. This also works when it is cloudy. Less often, though.”

Just before I go to bed, I move the solar panel to the northeast of my tent. There, the sun rises around three o'clock at night. I connect the Power Banks and go to sleep. Now the Power Banks can be charged while I am still asleep.

"After a trip like that, you come home with a charged battery. Literally and figuratively."

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