With In Focus we put a spotlight on our ambassadors. What do they do and what does Xtorm mean to them. This week: Filmmaker, traveler and ambassador Jairo Iglesias. Ambassador

Jairo has been one of Xtorm’s ambassadors for quite some time now. He travels the world and creates awesome content wherever he goes. We love to use the videos he makes, and he loves to use our products when he travels. Why?

“Your products have made my travel life easier, right from the beginning. You can travel without having to worry about powering your devices, that’s an enormous advantage. The possibility to charge a camera at 5000 meters above the sea level, for example, and simply not having to be worried about the batteries or the reliability. That’s why I love Xtorm.”


A common problem he faced were hotel rooms without enough sockets to charge all his devices, plus he didn’t want to carry a lot of different adapters. An Xtorm Power Hub solved all his problems:

“The hotels don’t have a lot of sockets so for me it’s perfect to have the Power Hub with 5x USB. It’s able to charge everything in the same socket. I can’t travel without it."

Through the wire

Because he always needs to be able to count on his gear, quality is very important. Often this is overlooked when it comes down to details, like cables.

“Xtorm cables are the best cables I have ever had. They are all like they were the first day, which is impressive because I have used them a lot on 4 different continents.”

More Energy

The reason people travel is to experience life and make memories. Xtorm gives you the you the energy to do just that, so why not share that energy with the people you meet?

“It’s not just me that benefits from your products. I have shared the Power Bank with a lot of people when I travel, especially when I’m in remote places without easy access to power.”

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