What's in their boat?

With Dominic and Florian from Team Atventure almost boarding that plane to La Gomera, to start their journey across the Atlantic ocean. We take a look at what’s in their boat. Xtorm is providing them with the solar power to fuel all their electronics. But besides Xtorms products, what else do these man need to survive the dangerous journey ahead?


The waves ahead are hard to tackle. The days at sea of an unsure number and when tempers run high some much needed distraction is very welcome. Some music to focus on something else rather than water. A GoPro to document their journey. A phone to try and have a chat with someone else but your companion at sea. The list goes on.. but to power all these products, you need some very powerful solar panels and ways to save all that energy. Here’s a list of what Xtorm products to pack when going on such adventure:


FS304 Impact 20.000
A powerfull powerbank to charge the essentials

AL421 Limitless 10.000
A waterproof powerbank to save power from the solarpanel

AL480N Brick 23.800
A heavy-duty powerbank with a regular power socket to charge their drone and other devices which only have a regular power plug to charge.

Solar panels

AP275 Solar Booster 21 Watt
The heaviest solar panels so they can generate power from the sun.

1x USB-C to Apple Lightning ™

2x USB to Micro-USB

1x USB-C to USB-C

2x USB-C to Apple Lightning ™

Power hubs

XC004 5-in-1 USB-C Hub
A hub to transfer different kinds of data and media and power to other devices.

Car Charger

AU015 USB & USB-C 24W

Food...loads and loads of food

The guys have 200kg of food on board. That is a lot of food, like a lot, lot.

Here’s a summary of some other things that weigh 200kg:
1. One bottle nosed dolphin
2. Two giant panda’s
3. One red deer stag (Rudolph for those believing in Santa)
4. A Small Block V8 Engine (this engine weighs actually less than 200kg)

The guys have portioned the food so that they can eat around 7.500 calories a day. Nonetheless they will certainly lose around 10kg’s as their calorie requirement is even higher than those 7.500 calories. But they simply won’t manage to eat any more.

X-bionic gear for the best performance

The wind whips the athletes faces, the weather does what it wants, and the temperature jumps up and down on the thermometer. While the athletes live on a small boat, they have to perform at a very high level at the same time. For these reasons, X-Bionic made sure that they’re on one hand perfectly equipped and on the other hand are able to master the challenges of this race without any complaints.

1. The ENERGY ACCUMULATOR® 4.0 Patriot Set. This set has 17 innovative technologies that protect against cold winter days and enhances performance. The products cools when you’re hot and warms when you’re cold. To give you an idea of how high tech this product is: NASA uses the same sort of product for space missions. Believe it or not but this set makes sure your body temperature is always a perfect 37°Celsius.

2. The EFFEKTOR® 4.0. The EFFEKTOR® 4.0 is the latest EFFEKTOR®-Product of the new generation 4.0 and enhances the performance. Its complex 3D structure on the back and chest have internal and external air channels whose thermodynamics improve the skin climate. In the end – even if it’s hard to believe - this product really gives you more energy, reduces the heartbeat per minute and out of that leads to a better and faster recovery. It’s really something!

Want to know more about Florian and Dominic who are taking on the journey of a lifetime? Ask them your questions! Comment on our socials and we’ll make sure to answer some of them in our next blog post! Stay tuned!

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