Top 3 best Power Banks for a citytrip

Spring is here which means it’s time to discover new places during a citytrip. When you’re going on a citytrip you don’t want to carry a lot of luggage. This includes things like different adapters, chargers and cables for all your devices. Taking an Xtorm Power Bank with you could save you a lot of packing stress. You only have to bring that one device and you are ready to go! The question that remains is; which Power Bank should you bring? Below, we highlight a few so you can decide which Power Bank is the right one for your citytrip. 

For the citytripper who likes to travel light

Let’s start off with a very lightweight Power Bank: the FS4 Wireless Magnetic Power Bank. This model weighs only 183 grams and easily fits into your coat- or trouser pocket, making it the perfect companion for your citytrip. The FS4 Power Bank is available in the colours blue, grey and black.

It is fully compatible with the magnetic wireless charging standard from Apple, which means this Power Bank will magnetically snap and attach itself to the back of your iPhone 12, 13 or 14. This enables you to navigate through the city and capture every moment while your phone is being charged. Thanks to the USB-C port, it is also possible to charge other types of smartphones via a cable.

With a 5.000 mAh battery capacity, you can charge any type of smartphone at least once. A small, compact and easy to carry Power Bank for the ones who don’t like to carry too much.  

FS400U Power Bank

For the enthusiastic smartphone-photographer

When you are looking for a compact Power Bank with a larger battery capacity of 10.000 mAh, we recommend the Xtorm Essential Power Bank. This Power Bank is available in the colours Cool White and Charcoal Grey and weighs 233 grams.

Thanks to its small size but high capacity, this Power Bank charges your phone at least two times but at the same time doesn't take up a lot of space. Your phone will never run out of power, so you can capture all those beautiful moments. 

A USB to USB-C cable is included with the Power Bank. The Essential Power Bank is also available with a battery capacity of 5.000 mAh or 20.000 mAh.

The Essential Series Power Banks

For the one who wants all their devices fully charged

When you’re looking for a Power Bank to charge your smartphone, your USB-C laptop and other devices during your citytrip, we recommend the XB4 Titan or Titan Pro. These powerful Power Banks have a battery capacity of 24,000 mAh and, with the integrated USB-C cable, charge your laptop in no time!

As the Power Banks feature multiple USB-C PD outputs, you can charge your devices at the same time. Watch movies endlessly on your laptop, take hundreds of photos with your camera and always be able to navigate via your phone. Even when there is no power socket around. 

With a weight of 630 and 840 grams, these Power Banks are a bit heavier. However, you are still able to easily carry it in your hand luggage and it’s the only device you need to charge all your devices.

XB4 Titan Pro

For the citytripper who likes to have more options

On our website you can find many more Power Banks that are suitable for a citytrip. For each type of traveller we have the perfect Power Bank. Whichever Xtorm Power Bank you bring with you; just make sure you enjoy your destination together with your charged devices!

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