win back your purchase in cash!

Win back the cost of your purchase by sharing your product on Instagram.
Post a picture of your Xtorm and show your #MoreEnergy moment for a chance to win back your purchase price (up to €100). In other words, we pay for your Xtorm! Every three months we will announce a new winner.

Read the terms and conditions below before participating.

1. Post your picture on instagram

Post a picture of your Xtorm product to show your #MoreEnergy moment!

2. tag & share

Tag us using and use hashtag #MyXtorm

Terms & conditions participation

The winner will be announced the first week of every new quarter via our instagram account (
If you win you must send us a picture of your order confirmation or invoice.
If you win you will only be refunded the purchase price of a single Xtorm product shown on the photo and invoice (excluding VAT).
If there are several products in the photo, we will choose one of them for the refund.
The receipt must not be older than 3 months from the time the picture was posted on Instagram.
You can only win if you agree that we can use your photo for commercial purposes.
Products with a sales value of more than €100.00 will automatically be drawn from the cashback promotion. This also applies to products with a sales value of more than €100.00 bought at a discount below €100.00.

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