Power Bank 67W - 27.000 mAh - Fuel Series 5 - Noir Minuit



Power Bank 67W - 27.000 mAh - Fuel Series 5 - Noir Minuit

27.000 mAh - 67W - 2x USB-C + 1x USB-A

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This high-capacity 27.000mAh Power Bank has 2 ultra-fast USB-C PD ports and one USB-A port. This allows you to charge various mobile devices and even laptops! The casing is mainly made of recycled plastic, to take a step closer to a sustainable future. 

The unique pattern on the FS5 Power Bank, combined with the beautiful colour 'Midnight Black', creates a powerful look. Power your devices in style!

    • 27.000mAh battery capacity
    • 2x USB-C port
    • 1x USB-A port
    • Mainly made from recycled plastics
    • Fast-charging with 67W USB-C PD


    bold design, endless power

    Large capacity of 27K mAh

    With a robust capacity of 27.000mAh, this Power Bank will keep your devices charged all day long. Whether you're travelling, working on-the-go or just on the road, you'll get enough extra energy to get you through the day. This high capacity of 27K mAh is more than enough to fully charge your smartphone at least 5x and your laptop at least once. 

    Fast charging with 67W USB-C PD 

    This FS5 Power Bank has a super-fast 67W USB-C PD port that lets you quickly charge iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets, laptops and any other compatible device. The Power Bank itself is fully charged within 3 hours. 

    Simultaneous and Pass-through charging with 3 ports

    With 3 different ports, you can easily charge multiple devices simultaneously. You use the powerful 67W USB-C PD port for your laptop and the 27W USB-C PD and 18W USB-A ports are suitable for charging your smartphone or earbuds, for example. The pass-through function also makes it possible to simultaneously supply the Power Bank itself and connected devices with new energy! 

    Durable design

    Choosing GRS-certified plastic gives new life to recycled materials. Most of the Power Bank is made of this recycled plastic, helping to ensure a sustainable future. Naturally, this GRS plastic meets Xtorm's highest quality and sustainability standards. 

    Suitable for airplane

    The battery capacity of 27.000mAh is the maximum capacity you are allowed to take with you in your hand luggage during air travel. So this Power Bank will get through all airport security checks without a problem. Use your phone or tablet during the flight to play a game or watch a film. No worries about dead batteries on arrival!

    Safe to use

    With its advanced safety features, this Power Bank not only protects itself but also all connected devices. Mechanisms that protect against overcharging, overheating and short circuits prevent possible accidents so you can charge your devices worry-free.

    Tech Specs

    EAN 8718182277609
    Serie Fuel Series 5
    Capacity 27000 MAh
    Power 67 W
    Length 17 cm
    Width 8 cm
    Height 3 cm
    Weight 598.00 g
    Input type USB-C PD
    Output type USB-A Quick Charge 3.0,USB-C PD
    Number of ouptuts 3
    Output 1 USB-C PD / 67 W
    Output 2 USB-C PD / 27 W
    Output 3 USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 / 18 W
    Material 100% GRS Recycled Plastics,ABS,PC
    Water Resistant N/A
    Battery Charging Time 3.0 h
    Solar False
    Manual Download manual

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Sofie Brys

    Powerbank 67W - 27.000 mAh - Fuel Series 5 - Midnight Black


    Powerful power bank for laptop, tablet and mobile

    Anna Weihs
    Power Bank

    I am satisfied with the purchase. The power bank has a large capacity, and I don't have to worry about my phone running out of battery. However, it is quite heavy. But that does not bother me.

    Danny Brugman
    Very fine power bank

    Nice robust device. Never had a power bank with a percentage of display of the power that is still available. Also very nice when charging. A great price for what you get for it. I am very satisfied.

    Bart Liebens
    Solid product!

    Sturdy and ultra quickly charging.

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