TravelTag - Location Tracker - 3 Pack



TravelTag - Location Tracker - 3 Pack



With this Xtorm TravelTag 3-pack, you can quickly and effortlessly locate your belongings. Attach one to your keychain, stash one in your bag or luggage, and place the last one in your wallet. Paired with the iOS Find My app, you always know exactly where your most important possessions are.

Whether you're at home or going on vacation, with this TravelTag 3-pack, you can always keep an eye on your belongings and have #MoreEnergy for the more enjoyable things in life!

  • Keep track of your belongings
  • Easy to pair with the Find My app
  • Easily replaceable battery
  • Endless possibilities
Please note, these Location Trackers  can only be tracked on Apple devices: iPhones, iPads & MacBooks.

With the Xtorm TravelTag, you can easily and quickly locate your belongings. Attach the TravelTag to your keychain or put one in your bag or luggage. After pairing it with the iOS Find My app, you'll immediately see on your phone where your items are located. 

By keeping an eye on your belongings with your iPhone or iPad, this TravelTag leaves you with #MoreEnergy for enjoyable activities!

simple pairing

You can easily pair an Xtorm TravelTag with your iPhone or iPad in less than a minute. Give the TravelTag a name and matching emoji, and instantly see its current location in the Find My app. You can also receive notifications on your Apple Watch.

Finding your belongings in 3 different ways

When searching for your keys or wallet at home or your vacation spot, the TravelTag helps you locate them easily. To find your belongings as quickly as possible, you can ask Siri for help, play a sound, or use the map in the Find My app.

Never leave anything again

As soon as you leave your bag somewhere  and it has a TravelTag in it, you'll receive a notification when you're too far away. Making it nearly impossible to forget your belongings. This reduces a lot of stress and nervous searches for lost items, leaving you with more energy to spend on fun activities!

keep your luggage in your eyesight

Everyone recognizes the stress of checking in luggage at the airport and having to trust your suitcase will roll onto the conveyor belt at your destination. With the TravelTag, it's easy to keep an eye on your luggage. The Find My app informs you when your suitcase arrives on location, even before you see it with your own eyes!

No pin dropping

The signal the TravelTag sends to your Apple devices works via Bluetooth and is encrypted. No location data is stored on the TravelTag, ensuring your privacy. Your precise location is not shared with other iOS users or even Apple, and you remain anonymous. 

your key items tagged

Via the Find My Network, others can help you when your keys or suitcase are missing. If you indicate that you've lost something in the Find My app, all iOS users receive a notification. This way, many extra people are enlisted to quickly find your keys, for example. But even then, the locations of the app-users are not shared and everyone stays anonymous. 

Safely packed

Furthermore, to make sure your privacy remains intact, the TravelTag contains robust security features. Utilizing the 6-layer Xtorm Safety Check, it provides a guaranteed level of safety. Embedded mechanisms are in place to safeguard your data too, offering peace of mind and eliminating concerns. Giving you years of #MoreEnergy during all your travels!

Built to last for years

The TravelTag is made as sustainably as possible. It contains a standard CR-2032 battery that you can easily replace yourself. After about 8 to 12 months, the battery runs out, and you'll receive a notification on your iPhone. The most advanced technology has been used for the TravelTag so this is not only a great product for now, but also for the future.

Keep an eye on your keys, suitcase and bag,
at the same time


EAN 8718182278149
Serie TravelTag
Lengte 4 cm
Breedte 4 cm
Hoogte 1 cm
Gewicht 27.00 g
Materiaal ABS,PC
Waterproof IP00
Solar False
Handleiding Download handleiding

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