XB4 Series Power banks


This frontrunner is designed to handle the future with ease. Charge any new USB-C laptop, including the latest MacBook Pro wherever you are thanks to the powerful 200W USB-C PD port.

Experience charging like never before thanks to:
• Best-in-class specs that provide you with #MoreEnergy for years.
• Top-of-the-line recycled materials and soft-touch finish.
• Retro-futuristic display that only becomes visible when you need it.

XB4 Series

XB4 Series XB4 Accessories

24,000 mAh capacity

Enough capacity to charge the average laptop up to 1.5x or the average smartphone up to 6x.

Hand luggage proof

Thanks to the battery capacity, both models from the XB4 Series are suitable to take with you at the airport and in your hand luggage.

Made for laptops

The XB4 Power Banks are designed to charge your laptop as well as all your other portable devices on the go.

Xtorm Safety Checked

All Xtorm products are extensively tested to meet our strict 6-layer Xtorm Safety Check.


Is your laptop running low but you also want to charge your earbuds for some music? No problem! Both Power Banks from the XB4 range feature multiple outputs and can therefore charge multiple devices at the same time, regardless of where you are.

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Thanks to the built-in USB-C Power Delivery Charging Cable, you always have the right cable at hand to charge the Power Bank itself and all your other devices on the go.

Are you an Apple user? The separately available certified Apple Lightning® cable fits perfectly into the side of your XB401 or XB402, just like the USB-C cable included.


The XB4 Power Banks are capable of charging your Ultrabook or USB-C laptop with their 60 or 140W outputs.

Charge any laptop with the Titan Pro
Want to be able to charge any USB-C laptop as well as all your other portable devices? Then choose the XB402 Titan Pro. It is equipped with the world's most powerful USB-C EPR output of 140W!

Charge Ultrabooks and smaller laptops with the Titan
The 60W Titan is suitable for charging most Ultrabooks and smaller USB-C laptops with an input of up to 60W.

Want to know more about charging your laptop with a Powerbank? Then check out our blog on laptop charging.


Xtorm chargers are designed for travellers. Travel products must meet high quality standards to be able to be relied upon during your travels. Not only should they be resilient, they should also fit easily in your suitcase or bag among all your other luggage.

Xtorm has been providing #MoreEnergy to millions of travellers worldwide for more than 12 years. "Built for travel = Handles practically anything."


There is something magical about the retro-futuristic LED display. The display becomes visible when you need it and disappears at other times. This saves energy and lets you enjoy a carefree night's sleep without leaving your hotel or bedroom lighted up.


Our XB Series always features the best and latest technologies available. All USB-C ports, for example, feature Power Delivery. This fast-charging technology offers a number of advantages over a normal USB-C output.

Smarter, faster, safer
Power Delivery chargers have a smart chip that recognises the paired device and adjusts the power to the most optimal output for the device. This way you charge more efficiently and safely. In addition, abnormalities in temperature or circuits are detected at the right time. Because of this, the charger will automatically stop supplying power to prevent damage to your connected device as well as the Power Bank itself.


Not only does the XB4 recharge your devices at super-fast speed, the Power Banks themselves are charged in no time too thanks to their high inputs! Use the powerful USB-C PD input to recharge you XB Power Bank within just a few hours.

Recharge super-fast
• The Titan Pro is fully recharged within 1.5 hours with a 100W USB-C PD charger.
• The Titan is fully recharged within 2 hours with a 60W USB-C PD charger.

Pass through charging
Thanks to 'pass-through-charging' technology, you can charge your devices at the same time as you recharge the Power Bank. This way, you will face all your adventures fully charged!


Xtorm products last longer thanks to higher quality standards combined with extensive tests on operation, resistance and ease of use*. Thanks to our 2+1 year warranty policy, fewer products are thrown away, less material is wasted and the environment is less affected. All Xtorm users fight the replacement market with us.

* We offer an extra year warranty on the operation of our power products. Register your Xtorm after purchase to take advantage of this service.

If the output power is lower than the included laptop adapter, charging will still work, just slightly slower. Laptop charging only works with USB-C laptops equipped with Power Delivery charging.

Use of the Made for Apple badge means that an accessory has been specifically designed to connect to the Apple product(s) specified in the badge and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple's performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety standards and regulations. Please note that using this accessory with an Apple product may affect wireless performance. Apple, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod touch and Lightning are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the US and other countries.

For optimal charging of the XB4 Power Banks Powerbank, we recommend charging with an Xtorm USB-C PD adapter. Read more about fast recharging.

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