Banque d'alimentation Titan Ultra 200W - 27.000 mAh - XB4



Banque d'alimentation Titan Ultra 200W - 27.000 mAh - XB4

200W / 27.000 mAh

With its high capacity of 27.000mAh, the XB403 Titan Ultra can easily fast-charge your USB-C laptop, MacBook, tablet, smartphone or e-reader. With a combined total output of 200W and the 140W USB-C PD single output, this Titan Ultra is the premium and most powerful Power Bank within the XB4 series.  
Thanks to the integrated 240W USB-C PD cable, you are immediately ready to charge your devices, anytime, anywhere. 

    • 27.000mAh battery capacity -> airplane-proof
    • 2x 140W USB-C PD output
    • 2x 30W USB-C PD output
    • Total combined output 200W 
    • Integrated 240W USB-C PD cable
    • (In)visible LED display
    • Powerbank fully charged in 1.1 hours 

    Complete the Ultimate Laptop Charging experience

    5% discount
    XB403 + 2x USB-C PD 240W Cables - Xtorm EU
    XB403 + 2x câbles USB-C PD 240W

    Duo Laptop Bundle

    €274,45 €288,90
    XB403 Titan Ultra, banque d'alimentation ultime pour ordinateur portable Câble 2x USB-C PD 240W, 2 m Avec la banque d'alimentation Titan Ultra, dotée de deux puissants ports USB-C PD, vous pouvez charger sans effort deux ordinateurs portables de 100 W simultanément. Cette banque d'alimentation pour ordinateur portable est le compagnon idéal pour vos déplacements, que vous travailliez dans un café ou que vous déjeuniez avec un collègue. Travaillez indépendamment des prises de courant avec cette banque d'alimentation pour MacBook, HP ou tout autre ordinateur portable USB-C. Les câbles Xtorm inclus sont non seulement solides et flexibles, mais garantissent également que l'énergie est transférée à votre ordinateur portable de la manière la plus efficace possible. Avec une puissance totale de 200 W et des sorties USB-C PD uniques de 140 W, le Titan Ultra est le chargeur pour ordinateur portable le plus puissant de la série XB4. Que vous soyez en déplacement pour le travail ou les loisirs, avec cet ensemble pour ordinateur portable, vous êtes toujours assuré de disposer de suffisamment d'énergie pour vous et votre compagnon de voyage ou collègue sous tension #MoreEnergy !

    The Ultimate Laptop Power Bank

    No longer dependent on power sockets. Ultimate for during your travels, or for working in a coffee spot.

    1,5 TIMES

    This Laptop Power Bank can charge your laptop up to 1.5 times. In only 90 minutes your work buddy is charged up to 100% battery again, and you can get back in action.

    This Power Bank has so much power that it can charge even other devices besides your laptop, even simultaneously.

    Laptop: 100% in 90min
    Tablet: 30% in 30min
    Telefoon: 59% in 30min


    Ultimate distribution.

    The Titan Ultra features four powerful USB-C PD outputs with a total combined output of 200W.

    The two 140W USB-C PD ports are optimised to charge a MacBook, and any other powerful USB-C laptop, extra fast. With the two 30W USB-C PD outputs, you can easily charge a smartphone, tablet or any other portable device.

    FastCharge | 1.5x Laptop | 2.5x Tablet | 5x Phone


    Ultimate Powerhouse.

    With this Ultimate Laptop Power Bank you can easily charge two laptops at the same time. With a combined total output of 200W and the 140W USB-C PD single output, this Titan Ultra is the premium and most powerful laptop charger within the XB4 series.


    Ultimate recharge. In 1.1 hours (70 min) a fully recharged Power Bank.

    Thanks to the 140W USB-C PD input, the Power Bank itself is fully replenished and ready for use in less than 70 minutes.

    The Titan Ultra Power Bank features pass-through charging, allowing it to charge itself and other devices simultaneously. With the fast charging function, your mobile devices will be ready to use again in no time.


    Ultimate convenience.

    Design goes hand in hand with ease of use in the XB4 series. This is why we pay extra attention to details; a matte soft-touch finish, an integrated magnetic USB-C PD cable and an LED digital display that pops up only when you need it.

    This LED display shows not only the battery status in percentage, but also the wattages of the four different outputs. When the display is off, it is completely invisible. This further enhances the Power Bank's design, keeping it sleek and minimalistic.

    Suitable for all laptops!

    Small Laptops

    These USB-C laptops charge with approximately 60W. Think of Chromebooks and the smallest
    Macbooks (Air).

    Bigger Laptops

    This type of laptops charges around 100W. Especially for newer MacBooks and other larger
    USB-C laptops.

    Biggest (gaming) Laptops

    Consider in this category, the ‘heavy duty’ laptops with 140W USB-C charging port, like the MacBook Pro M3 Max.


    Ultimate travel companion.

    The Titan Ultra Power Bank has a battery capacity of 27.000mAh. This makes this Power Bank suitable to carry in your hand luggage during air travel.

    Even on the longest air journeys, the Titan Ultra gives you enough power to energise all your mobile devices, including laptops! Read more about Power Banks on an airplane

    Ultimate Work-trip buddy – airplane proof.

    Safety first

    The Power Bank is equipped with several advanced safety features to protect both your connected devices and the power bank itself. Built-in mechanisms for overcharging, short-circuiting, and thermal protection guard against potential accidents, allowing you to charge your devices worry-free.

    Are you ready to work free from power outlets?


    EAN 8718182277777
    Serie XB4 Series
    Capaciteit 27000 MAh
    Vermogen 200 W
    Lengte 19 cm
    Breedte 9 cm
    Hoogte 3 cm
    Gewicht 683.00 g
    Input type USB-C PD3.1 EPR
    Output type USB-C PD
    Aantal ouptuts 4
    Output 1 USB-C PD3.1 EPR / 140 W
    Output 2 USB-C PD3.1 EPR / 140 W
    Output 3 USB-C PD / 30 W
    Output 4 USB-C PD / 30 W
    Materiaal Recycled ABS,Recycled PC
    Phone Charging Times 5.0
    Tijd tot opgeladen 1.1 uur
    Solar False
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