Nova Ultra Powerbank 27.600 mAh 140W



Nova Ultra Powerbank 27.600 mAh 140W


This 140W Ultra FastCharge+ Nova Ultra Power Bank is the perfect choice if you want all your high-tech devices to be fully charged and energized in no-time! Combined with the powerful battery-capacity of 27.600mAh, it charges a MacBook Pro or any other heavy-duty USB-C laptop easily and ultra-fast. 

This Nova Ultra Power Bank features the latest tech, specs, aluminium housing and an advanced display to ensure it lasts for years. Endless #MoreEnergy in this intelligent, ultimate Power Bank!

  • Xtorm 140W Ultra FastCharge+
  • 27.600mAh battery capacity -> at least 80% recharge for any MacBook
  • 2x 140W USB-C PD3.1
  • 1x 22.5W USB-A
  • Portable charger for a.o. Apple MacBook and hp laptop 
  • Aluminium housing
  • Advanced Intelligent Display


The Nova Ultra features three different outputs. The two 140W Ultra FastCharge+ ports make it possible to charge two MacBook Pro’s simultaneously! When using just one 140W output, a MacBook Pro charges quickly to at least 80%. The 22.5W USB-A output can be used to charge smaller devices like smartphones, earbuds or smartwatches. The maximum power of 140W gets distributed between the ports when using multiple ports simultaneously. 

High-tech Working

Never ever fear an empty laptop at the end of the day again with this powerful Nova Ultra Power Bank! Whether you work from a remote location or just don’t have an outlet nearby: this Power Bank puts endless amounts of extra energy at your fingertips. The large capacity of 27.600mAh is more than enough to re-energise all your frequently used devices! The Nova Ultra is especially designed for charging heavy duty laptops like a MacBook Pro. Whatever MacBook you use, you are always ensured of a minimum recharge of 80% !

Available in 3 different colours, something for everyone.

This colour represents calmness and is soothing. It gives you a feeling of balance and reliability. This colour is perfect for you when you love neutral tones.

Charcoal Black
This colour represents mystery and elegance. It gives you a sense of authority and dignity. It is a stylish colour that easily complements other colours.

Ash White
This colour represents freshness and clarity. It gives you a sense of spaciousness and refinement. It is a neutral, minimalist colour that effortlessly matches with various other colours.

simultaneous in-and output

The pass-through function allows you to charge two devices while the Power Bank itself charges. The maximum power of 140W is distributed across the ports when using multiple ports at the same time.   

high-tech energy on the go

The 99.9Wh capacity of the Nova Ultra is the maximum amount for a Power Bank to take on the plane. With the Nova Ultra in your hand luggage, you have enough energy to keep all your devices charged during the flight. You even have enough energy to share some with your fellow travellers. Arrive fully energized at your destination and enjoy the large capacity of the Nova Ultra endlessly!

high-tech display

The Advanced Intelligent Display enhances the tech vibe of the Nova Ultra Power Bank. It shows, in real-time, how much power the Nova Ultra is providing to your connected devices and how much power the Power Bank itself has left. Making it easy to see when it is time to recharge the Nova Ultra, so you don’t run out of energy when you need it most. 

Matches your macbook

The Nova Ultra Power Bank’s housing is made of strong, durable and lightweight aluminium. This sustainable material gives the Nova Ultra its tough look and makes it a real eyecatcher. The same material is used by Apple, which makes this Nova Ultra the perfect match for your MacBook Pro or any other Apple favourites.  

Xtorm Safety check

Built-in mechanisms protect against short circuits, overheating and overcharging, amongst others. The Xtorm 6-layer safety check ensures not only safe use of the Power Bank, but also that connected devices are protected against any mishaps. The Nova Ultra provides endless power for your devices in a safe way! 

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