6 ways to use your Xtorm Power Station this winter

An Xtorm Power Station is usually used when you’re going on vacation. You use it for your electric cooler or drill and to charge your laptop, drone or camera. But what can you actually use it for in the cold winter months? It's a waste to store it away until your next roadtrip or other adventure.

With your portable Xtorm Power Station you’ll be ready for any situation this winter. We have listed some creative ideas below!

Save energy during winter

The most affordable version in our series is the 300W portable Power Station. This compact yet powerful model is ideal for connecting all your (small) devices, and it’s ready to use right away!

  • You can easily use this model for your Christmas or party lights. You can leave those 200 LED lights in the tree on for 4 weeks without extra electricity costs. And the Christmas tree can stand anywhere; no need to choose a strategic location next to a power outlet!
  • A relaxing evening on the couch becomes even more enjoyable with an electric heating blanket. Put your Power Station next to the couch, plug in your heating blanket, and a quiet evening watching Netflix will be even better! You can even turn down the heating to save some energy costs.

Organize an outdoor party

Of course, a more powerful version is also available: the Xtorm Portable Power Station with a maximum output of 500W. It’s perfect for connecting devices that need a little more power.

  • You can organize a karaoke party outside instead of inside, for example. Take your karaoke set and your portable Power Station and host the party wherever you want; in the garden, on the street or in a snowy forest!
  • A movie night under the stars is easily realized with this model and an LED projector. All you need is a good background, nice company and a snack and drink.

No stress in case of car trouble

 Xtorm's ultimate Power Station has a capacity of 1300W. This powerful Power Station is a bit larger than previous models, but still easy to take anywhere. With this model you can really go all out this winter!

  • A nice winter tradition is to have a cheese fondue with friends or family. If you have an electric fondue pan, simple place the Power Station near the table and plug it in! No hassle with outlets and extension cords.
  • Should you find yourself with car trouble this winter, the XP1300 is truly a lifesaver. With its great power of 1300W, your phone won't run out of power and you can keep yourself warm with an electric blanket or heater while you can watch all the Home Alone Christmas movies on your laptop.

We have now given you some creative and playful examples for using your Xtorm Power Station outside the standard vacations. Now it's your turn! Let us know via Instagram how you are using your Xtorm Power Station this winter via #MyXtorm.

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