As written by the great Atlantic Campagnes: ‘The fleet sounds tired, often excited, sometimes very happy, sometimes frustrated, appreciative but aboven all they seeing themselves as ocean rowers and fully embedded in the life at sea. Many are soar and bruised – shins, hips and pelvis take a bashing from oar handles, muscles are aching, bums are sore, hands and feet may be blistered but these are minor things. Some are still seasick.’


After an extreme nine days at sea Dominic of Team Atventure had decided to request evacuation due to prolonged seasickness. After nine days of suffering an struggling. Contact with the safety officers and the race Doctor, Dominic had decided that evacuation was his preferred option. Every effort was made to enable him to continue, but weakened by the sea evacuation was all that was left.

The guys para anchored in position until the support Yacht arrived three days after the decision was made to evacuate Dominic. On the morning of the 24th Dominic’s salvation came and he was safely evacuated to the support Yacht. The evacuation was safe and successful. After making best speed to the crew the Support Yacht arrived at around 17.00. After detailed instructions from all the man involved a smooth and swift evacuation took place.


Florian, brave and strong as he is, decided after discussion with the safety officers that he was to continue as a solo rower. Meaning Team Atventure is still in the race towards Antigua.
The past weeks have been really good for Florian, despite continuing solo. He is very positive and has great ambition to continue in the race. He is slowly building up to the 29th position of all boats involved. 5th position in the couples category and even 4th position for the solo boats.

Xtorm couldn’t be more proud to be the sponsor of such incredibly brave rowers. His favorite time of day is the morning. He rows till the early hours. At 5.00 he stops rowing, he takes a few hours of sleep and wakes up around 08.30 to stare at the sunrise while having breakfast.

We are all rooting for Team Atventure and the incredible work Florian does. We are able to receive continues streams of information and content due to the use of Xtorm products. Florian is able to stay warm due to the incredible sports gear from Xbionic.

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