Top 6 coolest Father's Day Gifts 2021

Xtorm's top recommendations

It remains a yearly phenomenon: ''What should I buy for Father's Day''? Everyone spends hours looking for the perfect gift for their dad. But what do you give a father who already has everything? It also shouldn't be too expensive (because that's what birthdays are for) and you don't want to gift the same thing every time, like a bottle of Nivea or some perfume from your local drugstore. To help you out, we've made a top 6 of the best / nicest but above all coolest Father's Day gifts for this year.

1. Xtorm Magsafe Wireless charger - Power Bank 5000 mAh with magsafe for IPhone 12/12 pro/12 pro max and 12 mini

Is your father a real Apple lover? If so, then this charger would be the perfect gift! This power bank has been manufactured to work on all iPhone 12. It is fully compatible with Apple's new magnetic wireless charging, also called magsafe, which means that this power bank will magnetically snap and attach itself to the back of your iPhone 12.

The power bank is equipped with a battery of 5000 mAh, which is powerful enough to wirelessly charge his iPhone at least 1.5 times! This power bank has an input and output USB-C port. This means that you can also charge your phone or other devices by simply plugging in a cable!

2. A personalized apron from recycled leather

Is your dad a barbecue fanatic? Then we advise you to get this personalized barbecue apron. This leather apron with his name on it is the ideal gift for a real barbecue enthusiast who likes to shine outside. The beautiful apron is made of recycled leather, making it a very durable gift. In short, a truly unique gift for any cooking enthusiast or even perhaps for yourself!

3. Xtorm Solar power bank - Outdoor solar charger – 10.000 mAh

Is your father a real outdoorsman who's often in the garden? Then this solar charger is perfect for him. The power bank with built-in solar panel can be charged in two ways: via USB-C, or by taking it outside and letting the solar panel do its job. The efficient SunPower® cells even work on cloudy days! If you leave the solar power bank in the sun during the day, you will have more than enough power to charge your smartphone.

Bonus: There is a built-in flashlight on the back of this product!

4. Personalised beer glasses

Do you and your dad like a good beer from time to time? Then this is a great gift. Toast with your father with these engraved beer glasses.

Personalise the beer glasses by adding your dad's name on it, or have a sweet text engraved in the glasses. A great way to toast on your dad for being the best and sweetest dad in the world.

Tip: Don't forget grandpa!

5. Xtorm Rugged Power Bank - 10 000 mAh

For the clumsy dads, gift him a rugged power bank. The power bank is designed to be IP65 water resistant and is above all a sturdy power bank.

Despite its compact size, this power bank has a powerful 10,000 mAh battery, large enough to charge your phone up to 4 times. This ultimate survival gadget charges your phone or tablet quickly and easily, wherever you are.

Tip: The 20.000 mAh version is also available, it charges your phone up to 8 times.

6. Help your dad become a 'Lord'

Does your father always act like he's the king of the house? Well, with this gift he might actually almost become one. Your father gets a personal right to a piece of Scottish land as a souvenir. That in itself is of course a special gift, but being addressed as "Lord" or "Laird" makes it a remarkable gift!

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