One cable and charger to power all of your devices.
Sound too good to be true? With Xtorm that dream becomes a reality, all thanks to USB-C PD (Power Delivery). Xtorm uses this new technology to enable you to charge your smartphone, tablet, and even your laptop @ home and on the go.

Find out how Xtorm intregrates this technology in new and exciting ways, all with the goal of making your life easier and giving you #MoreEnergy.

A new standard

USB-C is a reversible connector that’s designed to deliver data and power to all kinds of devices. Chances are, if you have a brand new MacBook or Android smartphone, you are already using USB-C. Unlike the old (and often annoying) USB connector, USB-C can be plugged in either way.

USB-C Power Delivery (PD)

USB-C PD allows smartphones, tablets and laptops to be charged with up to 100W of power. For comparison, an old-fashioned USB port can deliver just 2.5W of power, just enough to charge a smartphone (very slowly). USB 3.1 already increases this to about 15W, but only USB-C PD is able to take it all the way to 100W. This is more than enough to charge any laptop, which is why many new models have incorporated USB-C PD into their designs.

Maybe your current laptop doesn’t have USB-C PD, but your next one probably will. With a Xtorm USB-C PD product you are ready for the future.

So...how does it work?

Simply put, USB-C PD works by allowing a “conversation” between the charger and the connected device. This determines the amount of power that can be delivered to charge your device.

Check out the comparison between regular charging vs USB-C PD below.


It is important to note that USB-C PD only works with a special USB-C PD cable. This type of cable has an integrated e-marker chip, which is necessary to handle the “conversation”. A standard USB-C to USB-C cable does not possess this feature.

We're ready!

These new developments have allowed us to implement them in new and exciting ways. Not only do we have high quality USB-C PD adapters and cables, but we also integrated the technology into our Power Banks.

Having a powerful USB-C PD (Power Delivery) Power Bank in your bag allows you to charge your smartphone, tablet, and even your laptop, wherever you go. This gives you the freedom and energy to travel and work without ever having to worry about your batteries running low!

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