Power your adventures

Going off the grid, but still want enough power to charge your devices? Solar power can give you the freedom you’re looking for.

Solar Power

Xtorm offers a wide selection of Solar products, ranging from Solar Chargers that combine a Power Bank and Solar Panel in one convenient product, to larger Solar Boosters that have an output that’s powerful enough to charge your devices directly.

Charge (almost) anything

But there is one combination of Xtorm products that offers you the ultimate freedom. The Power Bank “Brick” combined with the 21W Xtorm Solar Booster gives you all the energy you need, wherever you go. How so?

The Brick allows you to charge almost all of your devices anytime, anywhere, thanks to its large capacity and the 220V / 80W power outlet. This means the Power Bank is powerful enough to charge a smartphone, camera, drone and even a laptop multiple times, yet small enough to take with you wherever you go.

Power couple

Normally it might be an issue to recharge the power bank itself when traveling to remote places where you won’t have access to a power outlet. That’s where the Solar Booster comes in. It’s able to recharge the Brick by using only solar power, making these two products a perfect match for any type of situation you may find yourself in. Xtorm gives you the freedom and energy to travel anywhere you want!

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